Pedro Almeida Maia (Ponta Delgada, 1979) is a Portuguese organizational psychologist and author. His fifth book, Ilha-América (2020), has been praised as “another great novel enriching the Azorean literature (Santos Narciso, Atlântico Expresso) or a “fundamental novel of our canon, of our History” (Vamberto Freitas, Açoriano Oriental).

Pedro Almeida Maia by André Furtado

He won the Letras em Movimento (2010) and Discover Azores (2014) literary prizes, was selected for both the LabJovem Showcase (2014) and the Antologia de Contos do Centro de Estudos Mário Cláudio (2018), and three of his books are in the Azores Regional Reading Plan.

He was considered Writer of The Year 2014 by the Correio dos Açores newspaper, and “a respectable voice of the new literature of these islands” (Onésimo Teotónio Almeida, Diário de Notícias), “together with the best contemporary Portuguese writers” (Telmo R. Nunes, Portuguese Times) and “at the center of this literary hurricane that will certainly mark 21st century Azorean literature” (Miguel Real, Jornal de Letras).

He started his literary course by writing for music, in 1996. Begun chronicle writing dedicated to arts in 2011, under “Pavilhão Auricular” in Terra Nostra, and the satire of “Cronicista” in Fazendo newspaper. His first book was published in 2012, the crime novel Bom Tempo no Canal, followed by Capítulo 41 in 2013.

He writes other genres, such as children’s literature, poetry, short story and essay, having started screenwriting with the script for the Islanders TV series, produced by Ana Lopes and directed by Hugo França, having announced in 2019 the pilot episode “Under the Light”.

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